A Hindu deity (god or goddess) represents a particular aspect of the Supreme Being. Our temple is consecrated with the Following Murthis.



Navagraha or the Nine Planets has great importance in Hinduism and Hindu rituals. Navagrahas are considered to play a major role in deciding the destiny of man. The Navagrahas are Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangal (Mars), Budha (Mercury), Brihaspati (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn),…

Sri Kāla Bhairavar


Kala bhairava is one of the eight Bharaiva fierce manifestations of Lord Shiva. Eight manifestations of Kala Bhairava are said to guard the eight spatial directions and the abode of Lord Shiva. The eight manifestations, are Kala Bhairava, Asitanga Bhairava, Samhara Bhairava, Ruru…

Sri Muruga


Sri Muruga is considered very handsome, brave, just. Even though he was seen as a playful youngster, he was also extremely knowledgeable – enough to test Lord Brahma himself. When reprimanded by Lord Siva, he justified his action by telling Siva the meaning…

Sri Anjaneyā (Hanuman)


Sri Anjaneya is said to be Chiranjivi and is present in the world even today. He is the link between the Devotees and God, for, as instructed by the lord, he serves, protects and inspires the Servants of God ! Lord Shri Anjaneya…

Sri Guruvayurappan


Guruvayurappan  is also often written Guruvayoorappan, is a form of Vishnu worshipped mainly in Kerala. He is the presiding deity of Guruvayoor temple, who is being worshiped as Shri Krishna in His child form, popularly known as Guruvayur Unnikkannan (Guruvayur baby Krishna). Even…

Asta Bhuja Sri Durga

sri durga

Durgā in our temple has eight hands and hence called ‘Ashta Bhuja Durgā’. Of the four hands on the right hand side of Durgā, the top-most hand holds Chakrā, similar to Vishnu Durgā, followed by Bow on the next lower hand, then Kadgam…

Sri Lakshmi Rama (Sri Maha Lakshmi, Thayār)


Sri Satyanārāyanar’s Consort in this temple is known as Lakshmi Ramā (Thāyār Padmāvathi) and is to the right of Sri Satyanārāyanar, as per Vaishnavite Sampradhāyam. Ambāl is seated on a Lotus flower. A seated Mahā Lakshmi is supposed to give enormous Aiswarya (wealth).…

Sri Satyanārayana Swāmi


Sri Satyanārāyana is the manifestation of Lord Vishnu, the sustainer of the universe, and has the same ‘Swarupa’ (form) as Lord Narayana, and He does not have any Aadhara. ‘Satyam’ stands for ‘Dharma’ or ‘Righteousness’. He sports Sanghu (Conch) and Chakra. He is…

Sri Saundarya Nāyagi (Sri Pārvathi)

aadi pooram2

Sri Saundarya Nayagi at Sri Siva Temple, Canada  Lord Kailāsanāthar’s Consort in this temple is called ‘Saundarya Nāyagi’. ‘Saundram’ in Sanskrit means ‘beauty’ and hence Ambāl is called ‘the Lord of Beauty’. Including the base, the Vighraham is about 5 feet in height.…

Sri Kailasanathar (Lord Siva)


Lord Siva in our temple is called Sri Kailāsanāthar. Kailāsh is a sacred place and is the abode of Lord Siva and hence the name ‘Kailāsanāthar’. The idol is made out of a monolithic stone from the river Kandaki in Nepal. It has…

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